Asphalt Patching & Repair

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Asphalt Repairs in Roanoke, Va.

Asphalt Repair Virginia

Asphalt repairs on areas of pavement with potholes commonly consist of patching. Potholes occur when water seeps into pavement through unsealed or improperly sealed cracks. When the water freezes, it expands and enlarges the crack. When the ice under the pavement melts, a void is left. Surrounding asphalt pavement falls into the void and forms a pothole.

Asphalt Pothole Repair

Potholes will be cleared of all debris and squared up by cutting out the failed asphalt. Then, hot asphalt mix will be applied to fill the deteriorated areas and will be compacted with a multi-ton vibratory roller or vibratory plate.

Asphalt Repair Procedure

Virginia Driveway Asphalt Patching & Repair

This asphalt driveway repair process consists of filling the affected areas with hot asphalt mix.

Crack Filling

Virginia Driveway Asphalt Patching & Repair

Proper crackfilling can help extend the life of an asphalt driveway or parking lot by preventing water seepage into the cracks. We fill all major cracks from ¼” to ¾” wide. This does NOT include weak, or “alligatored” areas in asphalt, which are cracks concentrated around a particular area. It also does not include edge breaks, which are cracks where the asphalt is breaking away at the edge from the rest of the driveway, and it also does not include gaps between asphalt and concrete, including sidewalks or garage floors.

Sometimes an asphalt driveway is beyond crackfilling. If your driveway comes to that point, any sealcoating done is simply for aesthetic purposes. If it comes to that, we can offer you a fair quote to replace your driveway. You might be surprised in that replacement may not cost as much as you think.